FACTMS will use donations to increase awareness, educate about TMS and expand access worldwide.  We will accomplish this by:


      • Supporting TMS research.
      • Support travel awards for students and early career medical providers to attend and present at scientific conferences.
      • Expand TMS therapy to underserved communities worldwide.
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Ready to Give? Let’s make a difference together.

Your donation will go the distance in helping FACTMS fulfill our mission. No matter the amount, your donation will make a difference. 

   Randy Pardell, MD, DLFAPA, FCTMSS

“Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a true innovation, forging ahead in new directions to improve treatment outcomes for decades to come. We need your support to increase awareness of this amazing technology. Your donation helps us support education, research and improve access to this life-saving treatment.” 

                             -Randy Pardell, MD, DLFAPA, FCTMSS